The Nines – Portland, OR

Welp, it’s Friday night and I was supposed to meet a friend but it looks like I got stood up. It’s just me and John Mayer and this glass of red wine tonight… Here are some pictures of where I might rather be. The Nines in Portland was recommended by friends several times but when I first drove by I thought “what’s the big deal”. It looked like a little tiny lobby (the picture above) which was cool, but not much to see really. On this last trip to Portland I decided to go check it out in more detail. I walked into the lobby and it was as I thought, wanting to blend in I walked up to the elevators and pushed the button. I didn’t really think it through, I just tried to buy some time while I was sneaking some pictures. Oops, now the elevator door opened…I guess I’m going up. When I looked at the buttons I realized that the lobby and restaurant were on the eighth floor. Now it was making more sense, there must be more to see…

…When the elevator doors opened I saw another empty-ish corridor (picture below). No time to think, must keep walking like I know where I am going.

I rounded a corner into a space with reception desks and then another corner, and that is when I found it. The space that everyone had told me about. On the eighth floor of the hotel there is a lobby restaurant and bar which are open, like a courtyard, to the hotel room balconies towering above and a glass ceiling. It was pretty rad.

Within the lobby were two cube-shaped sitting areas…

…and this onyx sitting area.

Also within the space is “The Urban Farmer”. The name explains the theme, cowhide with steel beams, interesting.

This little library was hidden away off to one side of the courtyard…

…and to further my attempt to look like a hotel guest I walked down the hall toward the eighth floor rooms. Here is what the halls looked like.

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